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» Heartless, [x] N'vaen Demon || Male

True birthname unknown, he'll respond to just about anything though

Age: Undocumented and uncertain. Though, it is believed he's 10,000+

Gender: Male

Species: N'vaen of the Death Kingdom.

Appearance: Being an N'vaen, Heartless has a very humanoid form. For the most part, he simply appears as an attractive man, sculpted by the very gods themselves. He has a broad chest and strong arms that give him an intimidating visage, his hair is a shock of black as dark as a midnight lunar eclipse after the end has come and all the stars have withered from the very sky itself. His eyes blister a scathing red, full of wrath and death and hate like a dying sun. Both of which are apt descriptors as the man carries with him an aura of death and decay. His very existence seems to be a herald of end times.

When it comes to his more demonic traits he can completely get rid of them if he so chooses, but he prefers the intimidating that his visage offers. he stands at a harrowing 6'7 with curling horns that cradle his head like a jagged crown. Moving down from his elbows his skin starts to turn a deep black and ends in large clawed hands. The bottom half of his legs are a similar story so he doesn't even try to wear footwear of any sort and his pants are usually ripped half way down from the knees. A long, curling tail with the stereotypical spaded tip sways as he walks, grazing across any he passes. The last part of his figure is the part he adores the most. Wings, large and black and a sick mockery of dragon wings with the obsidian spikes and dark form.

He never really seems to walk with a purpose, but all of his moments seem like they're intentional, as if he's making it all of as he goes. There's a certain relaxation to his posture that his eyes don't necessarily share with their calculating and ravenous glint. It's rather easy for him to come off as lazy or too laid back when you first meet him, but that's how he usually decides if he wants to associate with you or not. Anyone with half a mind for judging others can see that every single one of his moments are indicative of a trained killer.

He wears a necklace of dragon scales, studded with charms made from their teeth and fangs.

Personality: Heartless' has always had a nature directly linked with causing as much chaos and death as he possibly can with the immortality the gods blessed upon the demons. This becomes rather obvious when he starts to tell you stories about all the wars he's been in, how many he started, and how much he enjoyed ending them. He likes to think himself better than the dragons as can (and in some cases has) lived longer than them and probably could lead their kingdom twice as good as they can. That comment is always followed by a certain bitterness like he feels as though he was cheated out of something.

His goals can be summed up in a couple simple sentences at most. Cause as much destruction as possible while singing the praises of the dark ones, getting all the babes, and killing all the dragons. Of course, he doesn't speak much about his dark patrons. If one were to pull him aside and ask, he'd say that he belonged completely to The One God of the Faction. Demons always did have a knack for lying.

While actually trying to do something productive, Heartless can be a terrifying enemy. He has age and knowledge that many might never have, on top of strength and magical skills some can only dream of. His vices come in the form of always wanting to do what's the most fun instead of what advanced his current cause. He'll push everything to the side and go off to faff about if he thinks it'll be more fun. On top of that, he's easily distracted by money, wealth, gifts, power, and the Death Royal Family. He doesn't talk about them much and he becomes unreadable when they're brought up, but he stops being productive for weeks if he even hears them mentioned.

History: It is uncertain what kind of relationship Heartless has with the Kingdom of Death and it's royals, but there's something there. Something more than he wants to actually divulge. While the details aren't known he often acts as though he's been cheated one way or another. He acts bitterly and angrily and won't even respond to a mention of the royal family. It's uncertain if he's been exiled or not, but he doesn't seem to bear any particular clan markings, at least not as far as the woman he's seduced has seen.

At some point in time, the demon took to wandering for a living. Realm hopping and just doing whatever he pleased. He gorged himself on sins and hatred and whatever mess he could cause. An endless amount of Jaden has slipped through his hands, but he couldn't care less. The man lived for the thrill of the moment and left a trail of angry women and bastards whenever he went, some of which he called upon and forced to take care of him. According to his claims, he has to at least be 10,000 years old considering some of the events he claims he partook in. The validity of his statements are under question, but he does have skills to back up words.

His most lofty claim is that of being a dragon hunter. That is one of his claims that can actually be brought up, as he brought Queen Nina the head of one of the beasts before he asked her to join the Faction.

Abilities: Heartless is remarkably skilled when it comes to combat, having lots of time to practice. Both with his claws and a sword with his hand, he's a threat either way. he doesn't typically use armor, but it's made up for with the thickness of the skin on his forearms and the agility his wings provide. He is skilled with armor should the situation call for it. He's not very skilled with elemental magic, only having a very rough understanding of dark, but he's exceptional with Summoning and Necromancy. He's a bit more versed with Summoning, but when he does use magic he tends to stick to Necromancy since it's easier for him requiring less energy and being more fun to kill something beforehand. He tends to keep his magic under tight wraps though and the Faction is currently unaware of it. His excuse will be that no one ever asked.

After approval I will be applying for a Faction Commander position.
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