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» Azimina, [x] dragon; western || female

Nicknames: Azima, Az, Azzy, Mina

Gender: Female

Species: Western Dragon

Age: Rather young, only being roughly 27 she's only a late teen in dragon years. She was born at an unknown date due to the circumstances of her birth.

Appearance: Azimina is a smallish medium sized dragon, still considered a teenager in dragon years. Her body is lithe and strong, a deep silver in coloration. Deep royal blue stripes cover her back and the underside of her wings have beautiful starburst patterns that one might even claim glow in the proper lighting. She has two pairs of wings and while she can use both to fly, the second pair is smaller and much better at manipulating the directions of her flight patterns instead. This second pair of wings giving her extra direction gives her an amount of mid-air maneuverability many do not have, leading her to mostly rely on speed and acrobatics when in combative encounters. For an extra boost of speed, she can use the second pair of wings, but they tire quickly and it can often be painful to use them for too long.

Her neck is long and arched, and spikes travel all the way down the back. At the top of her head are four horns, the back two being much longer. They sweep backward and turn up to the sky ever so slightly in a curl. They are a deep gold in color, as are the spines going down her neck. Her eyes glint with the same royal blue as her wing markings. At the base of her neck, the spike splits, curling around the base of her throat and meeting at the other side, making a permanent necklace of sorts. The rest of her is fairly normal western dragon.

Personality: The first things one might notice about Azimina is her almost conflicting personality. She comes off as prideful and haughty, completely undamageable by words. And yet simple words spoken in chiding tones can make this young dragoness completely break down. Again her own nature seems to be vying with itself in how noble she tries to act. Loyal and strong, she does what she can to protect others. And yet, she can occasionally sink to being greedy and doing whatever she has to in order to make sure her own life is protected. There are certain levels to which she won't stoop, but she isn't going to sacrifice herself if there's any way to avoid it.

Once you've managed to get to know Azimina on a bit of a deeper level, you'll start to realize just what kind of creature she is. At the most basic level of explanation, she is still a child. She contradicts herself and rethinks her actions, she's greedy and pouty and easily hurt, but she has a good heart when all is said and done. No matter her greed she will not willingly and knowingly side with those who wish to do harm and evil. To those she trusts, she'll go on about how one day she's going to be a grand hero and live up to the blood she knows is in her veins.

Another important thing to note about Azimina is that she easily becomes self-conscious when it comes to conversations about her birth and parentage. She often puts up a brave front, claiming that she was dragon royalty who get kidnapped before she hatched. At times she'll even claim that she's a princess. But her claims can neither be confirmed or denied and she's quick to become insulted when people call her a liar. Of course, whatever rage she shows is a simple cover up for the amount of sorrow she feels. She'll never admit it, but she wishes that she knew her family. She'll often get on her own case about being useless, and afterward, she'll most certainly be an incurable bad mood if you don't know the reason why she was sulking.

At the end of the day, many of her bad traits are simply her overcompensations. But that doesn't stop them from being a royal pain in the moment.

History: The circumstances of Azimina's hatching are strange as they are unknown. All the young dragoness really knows is that she was born without her family or anywhere to call home. She suspects that she was stolen as an egg. People these days have certainly become deranged enough, but she isn't completely sure. Azimina because of this was hatched alone. She was lucky enough for a kind mortal to stumble across her, abandoned in an old wooden shack The One knows where. The woman who found her took care of Azimina until she was old enough to understand common and start to learn about the world she'd been thrust into.

As a young hatchling Azimina was rather depressed. Yes, she could have been eggnapped. Or her mother could have easily gotten rid of her because she wasn't wanted. The thought haunted Az and she quickly found herself with a complex of her own self-worth. She started to think that nothing she was was actually good enough, that she was an ugly and monstrous creature. She was a little different from the typical western dragon, her form differing ever so slightly, but that was enough to fling her into hating her own form.

As she grew older, hitting 12 years, she started to do anything to make herself feel better. She made up a wild story about how she was the daughter of a member of the dragon court. No! She was a daughter of the Queen! Who could tell her that she wasn't? They didn't know, she didn't know, who was to say she wasn't related to dragon royalty? So she kept telling herself that, over and over again, hoping that it would be enough. Hoping that she could convince herself even more so than she wanted to convince others. Eventually, it worked.

In her bid to prove that she was a long lost princess she started to throw herself into whatever she could that would improve her and her character. She started trying to practice as much magic as she could, going on adventures when she was old enough (according to her) and trying her best to live up to the story she's tried to surround herself in. Her deepest hope is to one day meet royalty, perhaps even the queen, and have her story confirmed. Even if it isn't the queen who ends up claiming her. She just wants to know that she has a place where she belongs and that losing her was an accident and she's wanted.

So her quest continues. And every day that passes, she tries not to fell all the more disheartened.

Abilities: Azimina has access to magic and lofty goals but has had little time or teachers to properly practice. So far she has only really 'mastered' her breath attack, ice as deep and cold as the silver scales that coat her body. A lass even that she isn't as powerful with as she'd please. She hopes to one day master multiple elements, her largest goals being wind and light, but for now she's still having trouble with her one.
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