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 Metios Shaveck, [x] xeriin || male
Name: Metios Shaveck

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Species: Xeriin

Appearance: Standing at 6'3 Metios shares his appearance with that of a wolf. Jet black long curly hair is accented by a pair of wolf ears atop his head. A tail, claws and fangs are the features that stand out the most. Yellow wolf eyes peer from his seemingly emotionless and long face. His build is Ectomorphic seemingly mal-nourished and covered in scars, brands and random tattoos. His legs are bent inward and resemble a canine's legs, allowing for faster mobility with help of the hock and extra cannon bone.

Personality: Metios tends to be very stoic, rather quiet, almost impossible to enjoy a conversation with much less joke around with. His mental health is somewhat slipping, voices from other realms invade his head from time to time. His mindscape is a torturous plane of existence, and he surprisingly retains his real form.

Abilities: Metios uses the dark element to manipulate his surroundings. Despite being Xeriin Metios has had demons inhabit his mindscape and curse him with a dark affinity. He is corrupted. Metios fights with dual blades when he's got the chance. Fancying himself in a somewhat assassin style of fighting. He utilizes speed and dexterity, where his malnourished body lacks power. His mind's slight affinity for dark mangic makes up for his loose grip on reality and lack of personality.

Trades: Slave labor, The Sex Trade, Wilderness survival, Alchemy

History: Metios grew up in the Traicun tribe of Xaer. The Shaveck bloodline had their own all wolf Xeriin hybrids on the edge of a river. The other bloodlines in the pack were different kinds of dog hybrids. They hunted the forests and lived in relative peace. This peace lasted until when Metios' was around thirteen. A militia entered their lands Metios caught the sight of a group of armed men having a heated conversation with his pack before blood was spilled. Pretty soon the forest caught fire in the conflict and Metios scrambled to find an escape.

He took his first life that day, a militia man in the middle of sexually assaulting one of his sisters near to his den. He slit the man's throat and Metios attempted to flee with his sister. They made it out of the fray, immediately after horns had sounded and the Lanchman came they fled, before the forest began melting in front of their eyes. Demons began to emerge from the melted landscape and their forest turned into a a plane of darkness, disfigured creatures surrounding them before they snapped out of a trance being dragged, bound in chains, a dreamweaver behind them, mumbling incantations. They were separated and sent to different slave camps in different realms.

They stayed together for a few years until his sister, hope was taken to a brothel and Metios was taken to a slave camp in Kurai. It was here he was corrupted by demons his mindscape being poisoned by constant torture. A greater demon inhabits his mindscape always attempting to find a way to manipulate the golden threads of his mind.

One day this demon made a deal with Metios. On his eighteenth name day this demon offered to curse Metios with dark magic, which would help him escape. In return the dark aura would grow over the years, the more Metios became attuned to the darkness the more powerful this demon would get. He escaped on a day of true darkness, he corrupted the resident hellwolf and the being began to writhe as if a stroke had overtaken him. Stoic Metios found the way to the portal and escaped. His escape didn't last long in another realm when a slaver had seen his brand and decided to rebrand him. In a different realm his powers were weaker and the demon had grown silent, it's voice being replaced by that of many whispering ones.
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