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» Atriox, [x] Werebeast || Male
Name: Rickert

Werebeast Name/Nickname: Atriox

Gender: Male

Species: Formerly human, turned into a Original Werebeast

Humanoid Form:
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In Atriox's humanoid form, he goes to an impressive 7-foot-tall muscular light brown-skinned humanoid warrior, his humanoid form looks more bestial and more furry as a result of his turning into a werebeast, he has black spiky hair, his ears are slightly pointed, his eyes are completely red and mostly wears leather or light armor as a form of protection, despite how muscular and tall Atriox shows himself to be in his humanoid form he can be rather fast and nimble in this form, some people confuse Atriox for an orc when he's in his humanoid form.

Bestial Form:
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In his bestial form, Atriox grows to be a 10-foot-tall monster with darker brown fur all over him, in this form from his humanoid form he grows two horns at the top of his head, his ears grow bigger, his eyes remain the same eye color and his legs turn from humanoid legs to hind legs, his hands fingernails turn into claws and wings come out of his back as a result of an mutation from the Original Werebeast that bit him.

Personality: Atriox has shown himself to be a calm Werebeast in his humanoid form who appreciates a good fight above other things, he likes to hunt for a decent challenge and highly respects those who can give him such. He likes to try and stay honorable if he can but when he goes into his bestial state, his personality completely changes and his darker urges start to come out becoming more battle-hungry, more inconsiderate and in other words a beast in terms of personality, which is why he prefers to stay in his humanoid form where he's far more in control of himself, but when he's in serious trouble or he has to resort to his bestial form, he usually has no hesitation of doing so.

Bestial Form Desire: Atriox can be considered apart of the moon-chained, he has trained his desire to transform at night to a certain extent but he hasn't fully blocked it out, it usually depends on his mood and composure, if he's calm and collected usually he doesn't give in to the desire to transform very easily, but if he's pissed off or loses control of his emotions, the urge to transform for him gets far stronger and in most cases, he does transform then.

Veteran Swordsman: He was considered a very skilled swordsman back in his human life, and it's no different that his swordplay has improved into his Werebeast life, gaining decades of experience in swordfighting, he mostly utilizes this in his humanoid form.

Flight: In his bestial form, Atriox is capable of flight because of his wings.
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