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 Aterax, [x] Demon/Human Hybrid || Male
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Rokuro Enmado from Sousei no Onmyouji

Personal Stuff

Name: Aterax

Age: 16 Years

Gender: Male

Species: Demon/Human Hybrid

Class: N'Vaen

Allegiance/Kingdom: Pestilence Kingdom - Vortigern (Father)

Status: God Ward - Orphethas (OOC Player Item used)

Ward Task: To disrupt/cause discord within War, Death and Famine Kingdoms.

In Depth

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Appearance: A fairly young boy with especially youthful features for his age. Aterax gained much of his likeness from... his mothers side. He has short, hazel brown hair that snugly frames his head but always seems to remain fairly unkempt. A pair of sunset eyes brimming with life and power unseen in any other, Aterax is certainly unassuming to the naked eye. With telltale signs of his darker heritage brimming forth in the sharpness of his teeth, the aggressiveness of his visage and his generally uncouth movements. This is a young man who seems to forego his pride of appearance in favour of apparel that seems to neither suit his comfort levels nor last for substantially long periods of time. All Aterax seems to care for, is whatever suits his desires to look as intimidating as humanly (or inhumanly) as possible.

He prefers to wear dark clothing, usually items which will fit his form and cling to his frame, but items that generally look like they accentuate his physique in certain ways. Sleevelees tops worn over his torso are often what he can be found in with sleeveless undershirts commonly being worn underneath. Even through chilly weather or cooler conditions, it is very likely to find this young man dressing in minimal layers as if heading to the beach for a day out. As such, pants or shorts paired with boots are what can be found adorning his legs and feet.. Various accessories such as charms, wristbands and guards are often placed around his wrists but these are never anything significant. Aterax' clothing style is primarily based upon what would normally have been seen within the human realm on others of similar age to himself.

Aterax' is unlike many others of his kind in that his horns are are visible only under certain conditions. These horns are specifically tied to his abilities and so will only ever appear when he is using those abilities or when he is within the realm of Kurai. The horns seem to be made of the same substance of ooze that his abilities are made of and seem a quite a bit more 'fluid' compared to those seen among others of his kin. This may be largely due to his human genes enabling him to easily fool the eyes of others. However, it should be noted that the horns' appearance is determined on a subconscious level, so whether they may appear or disappear (including their chosen sizes) is determined by the current situation. Because of Aterax' age, his horns usually take on a length no longer than an inch or two at a time.

Personality: Previously being born and raised within the realm of humans saw to it that Aterax comes across a little more thoughtful than the rest of demonkind. This is mostly due to his being surrounded by nothing but humans in his early life. With nothing to cultivate his baser urges and instincts, his human ideals and nature were able to thrive unchallenged. It's because of this that he is not normally seen as a demon at all, even by most of his kin. He is naturally aggressively mannered, and quick to snap at others with a knowing toothy grin upon his face, but there are no other telltale signs of his true nature. Raised by a single mother who struggled to give Aterax as normal a life as possible, he adopted many traits commonly found strongest in humans and is not adverse to following direction.

Aterax has an even relationship with others of his kind. He is prone to seeing others as friends, allies and positive recipients of his attention when they have exceeded his expectations. And over time, it isn't unheard of for him to develop tangible bonds of trust and even love to select individuals. In short, it isn't too difficult for those he has his attention on to gain entry into his inner circle - generally accepting all without prejudice if they so desire. He holds onto a rash, reckless and generally aggressive nature in all that he does, but towards those he is particularly fond of, such traits are only really display themselves within his words. This means that he is prone to making little jokes at the expense of others in exchange for a chuckle or two, but completely devoid of malice to speak of. He will, however, quick to use physical force against those who may do the same to himself or others he's bonded with.

Speaking of his aggressiveness, Aterax deeply enjoys conflict of many kinds. And even more so when said conflict turns into a fight. He revels in fights and is gleefully giddy when blood is spilled, but only if such doesn't belong to himself or his bonded. He can and will find himself elated at the grunts of pain, the biting comments and the magic and abilities shown forth, as he has developed a genuine interest in combat in it's many forms. A decidedly dormant trait stemming from his demon side, his blood boils in his veins and he will become restless until the conflict appears to come to an end. As previously mentioned, occurrences like this especially put him in good moods, but the deaths of participants can quickly bring him back down as per his human sides values of life. The giddy mood may also remain for himself or whomever he's bonded to being involved in said conflict, but said feeling can be flipped on it's head under certain conditions.

The boy is typically fun-loving, freedom-oriented and so self-assured that he cannot come under any actual harm. And so would often perform sudden feats most would deem nearly insane. His youth, coupled with his underlying nature makes for an interesting dynamic in this way as he is prone to ignoring warnings and testing his limits with no regard for his safety. That said, with those he's bonded to who might do the same, instead of pleading, he would sooner tag along and face any hardship with them at his side then not - loyalty being a trait given cohesion through both his human and demon sides. It is unfortunately within his nature to seek out any hardships and face them head on then to hide away and gain nothing from the experience. And this would be where his sliver of arrogance will rear it's ugly head.


Physical Prowess: Despite his age, Aterax being part demon means that he holds incredible physical ability unmatched by any human. And since becoming Orphethas's God Ward, his physical abilities have been furthered to beyond that of many demons as well.

With strength, durability and agility being leagues above those of any humans and besting most of demon kind, there isn't much that can best Aterax through physical force alone. Which, in turn, brings us onto the next point.

Ooze: Aterax can create and control a viscous 'gel' or clear coloured 'slime' from his very own body. The generation of this gel is incredibly fast and it can be made to move as quickly and in similar fashions as many other liquid-based spells/abilities seen in others. This sludge can be stretched and manipulated in many different ways for Aterax to use in combat. However, what really makes this ability deadly is just how toxic it is.

This ooze is constantly brimming with multiple new and deadly diseases on the epidemic level which can also deal damage on a cellular level at a phenomenal rate. While being directly exposed to this slime does not pose any life threatening risk immediately, somehow ingesting this ooze or having it enter the body through open wounds or unprotected orifices will certainly lead to the victims inevitable death within a matter of minutes.

Aterax' own Reiatsu can alter just how toxic this slime can be, meaning exposure to his own reiatsu can either increase or decrease just how toxic the slime can be. Naturally the slime will guarantee eventual death within it's victim, but if Aterax so wishes it, he can delay this effect for up to a single day. By doing so, Aterax continually drains his own stamina. Why would he ever choose to go this route? Well, the slime can be used to eat away at it's victim from the inside over time, in turn producing even more of it by the second. By using this method on multiple victims, it is possible for Aterax to reuse this process and create much more of the slime than he'd be able to alone.

It should also be noted that a cure from this toxin isn't possible due to just how many diseases and toxins wrack the body at once, and so only complete immunity to disease and poison can hope to ensure survival of those who have taken some into the body, regardless of quantity.

One of Aterax' favourite means of using the ooze is to shape large claws of the slime over his own hands, hardened enough to function as if actual claws would, but with a toxic twist.

Pestilence Immunity: This is an incredibly useful passive ability which keeps Aterax not only protected from his own oozes toxicity, but from other kinds of outside disease and toxins (from Pestilence demons or otherwise). A passive that specifically stems from his royal demon blood to ensure none can hope to fell him with his own kingdom's speciality.


Originally born and raised in Evylon by his mother, Aterax largely led an average life. For many years, Aterax grew up always knowing something was different about him when compared with other humans but bringing the subject up with his mother was often fruitless. He often would pester her endlessly about 'feeling different' or 'not feeling normal' but she would wave said worries away or simply laugh them off, wanting her son to grow up and lead a normal life and learn human values. The truth was, however, that the one who fathered him was in fact the Lord of the Pestilence kingdom in Kurai. And while she had initially been impregnated by him, she decided she didn't want her child to be raised in the realm of demons.

Despite his many questions and suspicions, Aterax managed to turn out fairly well, despite his differences from his peers, but it was essentially the relationship with his mother and his uncle, Dal the Swordsman who helped shape who he was as a person. However, a short time after reaching sixteen years of age, his mother suddenly died of natural causes and Aterax was left alone. With no other immediate family to turn to, Aterax was able to get ahold of Dal and fill him in on his mothers' death. The news hadn't gone down very well, but it was at this time that Dal revealed that he would take the boy with him to the realm of demons to meet his father.

Though Aterax had no idea of what that meant, or even that Dal had known who his father was all along, he went along with it as he was curious to meet his father. And something within him stirred in excitement at the prospect of going to Kurai. Upon asking Dal how he knew who his father was and where to find him, he explained that his older sister -Aterax' mother- had told him and he intended to do right by her one final time in making sure Aterax was looked after.

Once they arrived in Kurai, the two of them braved their way through the treacherous lands and managed to locate the Pestilence kingdom where Lord Vortigern, Aterax' father awaited them...

Wyatt Calaeus Human Junior Adventurer looking to become stronger.
Aterax Demon/Human Hybrid Godward of Pestilence looking to cause strife.
Rhexic Pureblood vampire lazy in every respect.
Finnigan Human kid sacrificed to the Dark Five by parents.
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