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 Ladan Alexander, [x] Shar || Male
Name: Ladan Alexander

Nicknames: Lad

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Race: Shar

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green with Shar pupils

Height: 6'1

Personality: Caring, but is distant to those who rush, or are straight forward when it comes to trying anything promiscuous. He is a fun loving and care free kind of man, but also very chivalrous, always standing up for mistreated people, no matter who or what they are.

Powers/Strong Points: Aside from the Shar's already innate abilities, he learned how to sword fight, specifically a two handed claymore. And he has a shifter gene, allowing him to change his identity as needed if he is discovered as a Shar.

Weaknesses: Being a male Shar, caring about other's with his powers, and his inability to control his powers as well as a female Shar.

Clothes: He wears a hand made black leather tunic with matching black leather pants, black boots, black leather gloves, and a crimson velvet cloak that he uses to hide away his face, since his most defining feature are his eyes that show he is a Shar.

History: Ladan Alexander was born to his mother, Aurora, who upon giving birth to him, felt so much love she could not bring herself to kill him, but she knew that she could not reveal him to the rest of the Shar, instead she reached out to a human woman who she considered to be her closest friend, and gave her son, whom she named Ladan, to.

Being raised as a human, he of course chose to appear Human, but of course, since he's Shar, his eyes appear as such, with the slit pupils, and his eyes are a very light green. Growing up as a male Shar of course had its ups and downs, controling Shar power was already hard enough as a male, but doing so without a proper Shar parent was something else all together.

By the age of ten he had roughly gotten it under control, but still was not allowed to socialize with any other people, that was until his love for his adopted mother came back to backfire on him. All he had meant was to give her a hug, but it became more than that when he lost control of his power and killed her.

After that he had sworn off physical relations of any kind, traveling and refusing to stay anywhere to make possible friends. He is unaware of how strong his powers are at all since he reached young adulthood.

Body Type: Muscular

Marks: None

Other: Has Shifter Gene

Pictures: None

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