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» Kornatia, [x] snakekind/snake || female
Name: Kornatia

Nicknames: Korna

Gender: Female

Age: 3 years, adolescent

Race: Snake, half Snakekind

Hair: N/A

Eyes: Crimson red

Height: 3 feet long

Personality: Kornatia picked up on Balinore's personality really quickly, and decided to learn from him. She's very protective of him and her brother's, along with shy whenever she encounters a Snakekind, feeling unworthy of their attention. But when it comes to fighting or an argument she's very headstrong and won't back down unless she's proven wrong in the argument.

Powers/Strong Points: Smarter than average, Tuzak poison in her fangs, and hypnotic abilities with the inside of her hood.

Weaknesses: Being a normal snake it's much harder to fight off opponents without legs or wings.

Clothes: N/A

History: She was bred by a mad scientist by combining a Snakekind with a normal Snake. The scientist had gotten rid of her Snakekind parent before she and her brother's had hatched.

Upon hatching she was greeted by the scientist and the very curious guest, Balinore, he'd had at the time. One night Balinore stole her and her brother's away from the scientist, telling them that the scientist had planned on kill her and her brother's, and that since they weren't just animals, he couldn't let that happen.

She has been loyal to Balinore ever since, and sees him as a protector.

Body Type: Snakelike

Marks: N/A

Pictures: user posted image

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