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» Zabaione, [x] Xeriin || Female
Name: Zabaione (Zab - I- Own)

Nicknames: Zab, Zabby

Gender: Female

Age: 8 years old

Race: Xeriin

Hair: Length is down to her mid back, wavy, and bouncy. Color is lilac purple. She leaves her hair down.

Eyes: Silver as she is blind.

Height: 4'7

Personality: Fun loving, bouncy, and enjoys singing.

Powers/Strong Points: Can see aura's of people and inanimate objects. Has enhanced grace, agility, eyesight, and hearing. She's also a fast runner, and can shift into a kitten.

Weaknesses: Blind, not a strong fighter, and is clumsy, not able to see small objects such as rocks, sticks, etc.

Clothes: She wears a sky blue dress with clouds on it, and white tights, with little dress shoes.

History: As she is only eight years old there isn't much to tell.

Zabaione was born to two feline Xeriin, who were killed shortly after she was born, she was raised by the whole tribe she was born in, and when she became old enough they discovered she was blind, sort of.

She could see everything in auras. Inanimate objects were a bland grey, people were different colors depending on their personalities, moods, AND whether or not they were going to die soon. And everything else was black.

Sadly the inanimate objects doesn't extend to things like rocks and twigs on the ground, just the big things like full grown trees, furniture, and huge things she could walk into. This makes her extremely clumsy. And she is ALWAYS misplacing her blind stick to feel around in front of her, since it doesn't register as an inanimate object either.

Body Type: Lithe and slender

Marks: N/A

Pictures: N/A

I'm a little tea pot short and stout, thi- hey, whoa, wait, it's not time to tip me over and pour me out!

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