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» Revaerion, [x] Werebeast || male
 Posted: Aug 14 2017, 06:52 PM
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Name: Revaerion Tarskos Barathnir

Nicknames/alias: Cpt. Rion Bloodmayne

Reason/origin of alias: Deemed it a strong name, one that would guard him from being identified, and allow him to make a name for himself at sea. But it has become more as of late- a mask, a facade. A front to hide his true self behind.

Gender: Male

Species: Werebeast (original)

Alignment: Nuetral

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: When not fully transformed into the shape of the beast, Rion is still quite tall. He stands at around 6', with firm musculature and a strong frame. While agile and catlike in movement, his real advantages lie on the physical end of the spectrum. Most of his strength focuses on his upper body, with long, corded arms and a toned torso. Though, he is just as lethal with his legs, which are formed like the trunks of a tree. His skin is smooth and velvety, almost like sealflesh, and richly coloured in shades of teak and smooth tan. His cheeks, shoulders, and the back of his neck are lightly freckled, with larger spots on his back. He has shaggy, unkempt black hair, which often falls alluringly over bright golden eyes. His face appears almost half feline, with a catlike nose, strong, graceful features, and an oddly felid mouth, which is full of sharp teeth. His ears are large, pointed like a caracal, and have full range of movement. His brows are sharp and lowset. Other than his brows and head, his body is completely without hair until he shifts. His cheekbones each bear two small spikes, while from His forehead protrude sharp, elegantly curving horns. These are smooth in texture, but slightly ribbed near the bases. He often adorns them in trinkets, such as amulets or golden jewelry. His hands are wide and thick, with claws protruding from the fingertips. These do not retract. He has a long, prehensile tail, furless and the same tone as his warm flesh. His ears are pierced with various golden adornments, such as hoops and studs. His nose is bisected with ragged scars, as well as the left side of his neck. His legs are sort of animal in the way they bend, with large, threatening half beastial paws.

When shifted, he grows a full foot in height, and sprouts silvery-tan fur, adorned with faint rosettes and speckles. His horns and spikes grow in length and prowess, while his lower canines lengthen to form small tusks that poke from his jaw. His hair will meld into impressive black mane, with a sort of short Mohawk between His horns that drapes forward. His claws become more formidable, and he loses all sense of self until he is but a mindless beast. He can be lulled with music or calm words, but violence will trigger his instincts, and he will react accordingly.

Personality: There is no more changeable force than the raging sea- it's moods switch as easily as the shifting tides, crest or fall as smoothly as the waves. Rion reflects this mercurial quality of his beloved ocean. He is brooding, but contrastingly suave, like the longing, beautiful sound of briny air. He is proud and self assured, but doubt colours his view of his past to paint him in the role of villain. His patience is slow and steady at some times, but others bring him storming with wrath. His determination can be viewed as stubbornness or courage, in equal measure- he won't give up on his chosen goal until he has bested it. He is much like the sea in this way, as well. Constantly battering against the shore until it wears it away to sand. His passion is equaled only by his ruthlessness, and though it can seem often as though he has no heart, the shriveled thing can indeed be found hidden beneath layers of walls. He brushes off emotional pain with humor and at times, biting words, but feels everything more strongly for all his bluster. He is feirce, vicious, but melancholy. Awash in potent sorrow that has no obvious source. He is often dogged by his love for the sea, and speaks about it as though it were a woman- sometimes, he says devoted and sad things that sound almost like memories; it is difficult to tell whether he is still talking of the ocean, or a girl shrouded mysteriously in his past. Loyal and trusting only of himself, but if you carve a niche into the salted crags of his soul, you will discover that he will not stray. He maintains a devil-may-care exterior, tucking clever insults into gentlemanly words. One may not realize he is making fun of them until he begins to chuckle at his own jests. The seafarer is quite restless, and values freedom above all. He prides himself on doing whatever he wants, whenever he wishes- anything that halts this can expect to feel the full bite of the pirate's ire.

Shift to more beastial form
Light control over water element

He owns a moderately sized seafaring vessel, with only a handful of loyal crew.
He dresses very utilitarian, in a long black trencher with various adornments, and loose shirts (if he even wears a shirt at all) Will usually go barefoot.
His chosen weapons are his hands, though like any pirate, he always carries a few extra. He has a double sided broadaxe, twin cutlass' with medium blades, and a curved dagger.

Pet: Small black Shadowcat with insectile wings, dubbed 'Misk'. He is oddly parental to this little felidae, and coddles it as though it were his own kit. But don't mention that to him- you'll end up with a large fistful of Werebeast against your jaw.

Rion, despite being an Original werebeast as opposed to a new one, is nonetheless Moon-Chained; he will become more or less monstrous at night, depending on what stage the moon is in. To keep his crew safe, he encloses himself in a specially built cell within his quarters, and sedates himself with powerful potion to remain as docile as possible.


~Let me tell you what I wish I'd known, when I was young and dreamed of glory; you have no control, who lives, who dies, who tells your story~

Characters: Revaerion
 Posted: Aug 14 2017, 08:45 PM
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