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» Namkitu Okori, [x] Kitsune || Male
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NAME: Namkitu of clan Okori (Origin of Life)
SPECIES: Kitsune
APPEARANCE: In his natural form, Namkitu stands as at five foot with five inches to spare, covered in brown fur save for for a white underbelly and black along all for paws and rimming the ends of his two tails. Hazel eyes shift to amber when using Magick or experiencing high emotions, these same eyes shift to a light brown when he changes into his humanoid form. In this form he has brown hair that curls at the ends, giving the impression of a tangled bird's nest even when groomed. Skin is fairly tanned from a lifetime under the desert sun, and in this form he appears to be an even six foot tall. He favors cloth tunics and breathable robes for traveling in the desert, but rarely without his bandoleer of patches strapped across his chest from right should to left hip. These robes make it easier to shift between forms and may allow the opportunity to unleash a nasty surprise or three.

Namkitu's Soulgem or Starball is secured and hidden within the spine of a bound journal in which he keeps his Alchemic recordings. This gem is placed under a glamour to appear as a simple page-marking tassle, while an actual pebble has been made to appear as his Starball and hangs from his belt as a blue gem that matches the hue of his reiatsu or aura.

Aside from mundane tools of the trade and general supplies, his bandoleer holds a pouch of Pesters (Created by mixing reactive gases within the sealed shell of a nut or a turtle, noxious bombs are useful for knocking out living prey or scattering predators.), two doses of common antivenom and a clay jar of topical balm for small burns and cuts.

-Capable Alchemist and competent cook.
-Innate illusion capabilities.
-Fleet of Foot: Being somewhat on the skinny side means there are a lot of creatures that could toss you about, so this Kitsune has learned to make use of his slight stature to move quickly and almost silently. This stature also grants a measure of flexibility.
-Can read and speak Elven as a second language.
-Skilled in the way of desert survival, from securing food and water to building shelter and avoiding hazards.
-Monochromatic vision in darkness and low-light situations.
-Capable climber due in no small part to his claws.
-Breathing Oasis: Unlike his siblings whom were drawn to the Elements of Air and Fire, Namkitu's calling was that of Water. This has been used throughout his life to call the rains and seek fresh water underground, where he feels at ease as opposed to the high cliffs of his home.
-Sharp intuitive mind, willing to learn new things.
-Fox-Fire: These illusory blue flames form from the tips of his tails, and may only become actual fire with focus and concentration.

-Can't swim well, from fur and desert life.
-Slight fear of heights if he cannot move, noted by frequent fidgeting or pacing.
-Not very experienced in using illusions, yet.
-Sharp senses may be used against him, especially with bright light in darkness.
-Alchemic progress from experimentation and research, so new crafts may take time to mature for use.

Borne of the desert clan Okori, or Origin of Life, in the realm of Ristell's Arcadian Desert, Namkitu was the youngest of three children birthed to Nanib and Onari. Their home was settled into the cliffs that watched over a twisting river as it snaked out into the dunes beyond, as well as the tunnels below the stones. Life was harsh but a life he came to grow into, though the very tops of the cliffs still proved too unnerving for his taste and instead explored the hidden places beneath the feet of his home.

His elder siblings took to the wanton use of Fire and Air to drive back wild beasts and turn the finer sand into glass, but this did not appeal to the younger kit. His Grandfather had been an Herbalist of no small note and taught him not only how to use what he found, but how to combine them. When he inadvertently froze a sample of serpent venom after being accidentally bumped into a stew pot, his reflex action had saved a small store of food before it could become tainted. In such a harsh environment resources could not afford to be wasted, and so it was taken as a sign to train him in the ways of the Water-Seeker.

During his formative years there were several chances to travel with his parents to small trading posts where Humans, Elves and countless other Races congregated for supplies and information, that his eyes were opened even further. Humored by his father, Namkitu 'bartered' with a merchant for a small bundle of reeds. Nanib paid for the reeds while the youth's back was turned and let him believe he had struck a deal for some smoothed sandstone pebbles he had collected. It was not until returning home and attempting to hang the reeds as a screen against the wind, that he found writing scribbled onto the flattened undersides. It was a simple tale of a turtle with star markings on its shell, but it lit a spark within him. He became an avid reader of anything he could get his paws on and volunteered for every trip to the trading posts whenever he could, over time picking up a respectable amount of Elven speech and script. This in turn fostered an already growing love of riddles.

A severe sweet tooth, he would often trade for honey squares (Small pieces of dried honey harvested from the cones of outcrop-dwelling bees).

Watchful and curious, he sometimes gets himself and others into trouble but always strives to correct his mistakes. It takes time for him to truly trust someone but once earned, they have an ardent companion and vicious enemy should that trust ever be betrayed. An odd child from a strange family, Namkitu's heart is largely unblemished by the outside world, though for how long is anyone's guess.

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(credit: google image search=Kitsune)
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