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» Lethanial von Nogard - Maldrenth, [x] Heartwoodian Silver Dragon || Male
 Posted: Jun 27 2017, 03:26 PM
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+ Human Name: Lethaniel von Nogard
+ Dragon Name:Maldrenth


+ Human Alias: The Grand Adventurer, Hero of Icemark, The Winter Knight, Icemark's Knight, Knight of Valor, Knight Nogard, Icemark's Vigilante, Vigilante Knight, The boy who was born from a flash of light
+ Dragon Alias: The Dragon of the Mountains, King of the Mountains, The Mountain Dragon, He who slumbers, Slumbering Titan, Guardian of the North, The Titan, Dragon of Stone, Balion's Winter Champion, Protector of Felnova, Titan among Dragonkind, Blessed by The Five

Gender: Male

Realm of Origin: Evylon

Realm Currently Residing: Felnova

Species: Progenitor Heartwoodian Silver Western Dragon - Icemarkian Human

Age: Ancient

+ Human Age: Thirty-Five - Biology
+ Dragon Age: Twenty-Seven Thousand Years old - Chronology

Alignment: Neutral Good

Human Occupation: Knight of Icemark

Appearance & Equipment:

+ Human Form: user posted image

Standing slightly over Seven Foot ten Inches tall, with a strong, broad shouldered muscular build Lethaniel is an example of a Icemarkian Warrior amongst his own people. His hair is medium length, a mixture of blonde yet subtle hints of grey, with his daring light blue eyes the man still maintains the prime of his youth.

To one and all, from the lowly commoner to the highest lord, Lethaniel von Nogard is the epiphany of what people could refer to him as a "Giant". Very few have actually seen his face in person, mostly because he is either on an adventure, or resides in his humble home at the outskirts of Icemark. Yet his armour itself, is by far the most unique in terms of design and presentable. Armour His helmet is fashioned in solid steel, but yet the large drab, tattered hood that completely conceals the tough, strangely dark metal helmet. However, if one were to look closely they would be able to still see the hints of the gold engravings of a Knights helm.

The upper-body armour, far different from any Guard or Knight, resembles that of scales of a dragon, the neck and shoulders wrapped in a long, darb, tattered scarf, with two bangs on either side that flows in the wind freely. The armour that protects Lethaniel's arms are different to each other, his right hand and arm is covered with a Black-dyed leather that is tied around the arm and hand, whilst the left is fitted with a true Knights gauntlet. His long cloak fashion with thick hide and fur in order to sustain his warmth from the harsh cold environment of the north. Finally, the general leggings, a mixture of a dark gold and black dyed steel, with a tattered under-cloak around the waist that reaches down to his feet.

+Dragon Form:user posted image

The enormity of Maldrenth during the early years of the World was a sight to behold. Back during the first ruling years of The Five, Maldrenth was once a 10 meter tall Western Dragon with four legs with one set of wings, and his scales were that of Grey. His appearance of such a time was average during the First Age, as the dragons began to develop their scale colours of a wide variety. Though Maldrenth was not aware of his new form that The Five had prepared for him.

Blessed by The Five for his Noble sacrifice, and learning of the vast bullying the little Dragon had endured, the gift eventually made the once normal Western Dragon, into a hulking Titan: a Progenitor of the Heartwoodian Silver Western Dragon. It was said that Maldrenth stood well over 6650 Meters tall, his teeth and claws were that of towers, his vast spikes all over his back and tail were miniature mountains, his tail the length of entire Skyfeather River, and his ginormous wings could cover the sky with a single open stretch and could create a hurricane.

Maldrenth's scales colours were a mixture of light and dark grey, they were as the mountain rock, and his eyes changed from the once proud yellow, to a daunting white. Maldrenth's sheer size allowed the monstrous beast to disguise himself whenever he wished, as a vast line of mountains, or huddle up to form a Super Mountain. As History proclaims the tales of Maldrenth being a Titan Dragon and his disappearance became a mystery to all, The Titan Dragon's story slowly developed into a bedtime story for all species... Though perhaps one day, you may just see him again.

Orientation: Heterosexual


+Human Form - Lethaniel von Nogard

If there is one aspect to note about Lethaniel von Nogard, it is the fact of how genuinely quiet he is around people, and only speak when he is either commanded to speak, or when spoken to directly. He is known to be calm, cool, and collected of his surroundings, especially with the people who he associates with. Though in the realm of Icemark of Vystriana, even he is on constant watch, and with the responsibility to guard and protect the people of his land, a duty which he still takes very seriously above all else.

Lethaniel is a man of Virtue and Honour, and surprisingly a man out of kindness, who often help's his fellow man and often times the people of Icemark, taking a rather twist towards his rather obvious appearance and monstrous height. However, it is not wise to take such affections for granted, for even his patients and calm nature has limits, and upon the battlefield is where he truly shows just how terrifying he can be. In terms of religion, Lethaniel takes the Faith of the Felnova to heart, attending every morning and afternoon, praying to the Gods to watch over the Ruling Monarch and the family that governs over Vystriana and Icemark, hoping that everyday goes calmly and smoothly, and dreads upon anything bad happening to the King or Queen of the land, for such a loss would weigh heavily upon his heart immensely.

Lethaniel has taken quite a liking to reading and writing, and has started to write books in his spare time, developing a healthy creative imagination involving knight and adventures from ages past, from even writing true stories tales of his own adventures, proving that the Knight of Icemark is still a big child at heart. Speaking about children, Lethaniel has shown to be a patron of donating his hard earned money to orphanages in Icemarek and attends to greet the children as a friend and as someone to inspire their minds for when they grow up to become soldiers or perhaps servants of Lords. If there is one aspect to note, Lethaniel will do his utmost to bring the Light in the Darkest of hours.

+Dragon Form - Maldrenth

During the First Age of The Five, back when the world was in balance, History and legends spoke about how Malrenth regardless of how the world slowly transformed with it's new rulers, the Titan Dragon remained neutral. Historians have often recorded Maldrenth as a dragon of confidence, prideful, and defensive Dragon for he was one who would not hesitate to be awoke from his slumber and fight to defend the land that was his home. The very few who once tried to enter the Titan's slumbering lair were told to tread carefully, for there were tales of Maldrenth having a rather sardonic sense of humour, both conversed yet mocked those who'd entered his lair and proceeded to either consume them or allow them live and flee for their lives.

Yet the many years of sleeping, had changed Malrenth before his disappearance, he become more and more of a sloth, enjoying his peaceful sleep without interruptions from mortals and immortals alike. Though should Malrenth awoke from the long sleep, there is an old saying: "When the earth shakes, Maldrenth is awake. If there is a roar, he is angry if not then he is in peace." The Titan dragon's anger and short-tempered behaviour when put into force is a terrifying sight to behold, his intimidating presence and the booming voice is why he is respected and feared, a firm but fair dragon.

There are times Malrenth boasts with his own superiority against other dragons, after all such actions are within a dragon's nature. Maldrenth make vast comments of his power and impregnable scale armour at those who challenge him. However, do not think for a moment that he allows such high regards about himself to cloud his judgement, for even he knows when to back down especially in the presence of Gods that have granted him such size and power (That goes double in showing respect to The Five).

Strength & Powers:

+ Indomitable Willpower
The act of giving up? Lethaniel does not know the word 'give up'. His Indomitable Willpower to never surrender is what keeps the Human fighting, despite not technically possessing the gift of invulnerability the Icemarkian Human urge of never retreating, and not revealing secrets despite impossible odds is what drives Richard's desire to win. It is also fuels Lethaniel to discover the truth of his birth of origin. During his life as Maldrenth, even the Titan Dragon possessed a strong, indominable Will, even when the odds were against the Titan, he only surrenders when he has fallen in combat.

+ Superhuman Strength
As a result of his once Draconic life being passed on to his Human form, Lethaniel has the strength to match a full blooded dragon, for he is able to lift object, large boulders, and break through almost any obstacle in his way with little trouble. This also allowed Lethaniel to stand toe to toe against some of the more stronger species to which the Human can deliver powerful blows sending his opponents through a building.

+ Heightened Sense of Smell, hearing and Sight
From what was once a gift from The Five and the passing of Maldrenth who transformed into the human form of Lethaniel, the human has been granted the power of enhanced long range sight, hyper sensitive hearing, and thorough smell. Regardless of whether such noises are high pitch, to meagre whispers, or a significant smell from far away, or even a target from long range, there is almost nothing that can escape Lethaniel vision and sense.

+ Superhuman Endurance
Whilst not being entirely invulnerable as he once was as Maldrenth, Lethaniel more than makes up for being essentially possessing unending endurance, enabling the Icemarkian Human to carry on and continuing fighting for longer than most humans and other species. It is essentially the gift that makes people remark Lethaniel as 'remarkably stubborn' for simply not giving up and staying down on the ground floor.

+ Earth Dragon Passivism
A Passive power instead of physical or Mental ability, Lethaniel retains an passive aspect that allows the Human to become friends with any Earth Dragon in Felnova extremely quickly. This is because Maldrenth; The Mountain Dragon, was the embodiment of Mountains, Earth, Rock, and Stone. With these aspects, Lethaniel still holds a small amount of energy that not only allows the human to befriend Earth Dragons, but also ride on them.

+ Sonic Roar
The signature of Maldrenth's definition, his roar was said to clear the sky of all cloud, and echo for miles. Although such power is greatly diminished from what it used to be, Lethaniel maintains such a talent for when he becomes anger and unleashes a mighty shout, causing the ground to shake affecting the environment in numerous ways.

+ Intimidation & Interrogation
By the grace of The Creator, the art of Intimidation and Interrogation has been bestowed to Lethaniel/Maldrenth. Unlike most humans Lethaniel will almost use any means necessary to acquire information, force an enemy to retreat, or essentially scare people to leave. The combination of his attitude, attire, and his renown of installing fear simply by glaring his eyes is what mostly causes people to give what Lethaniel wants. During his time as Maldrenth, such an gigantic force alone was usually more than enough for the Titan Dragon to acquire information of the world around him, least they wish to be squash by the claw alone.

+ Intelligent
The mind of Lethaniel is surprising that of an dragon's high intellect of an unprecedented value (even though he is a dragon). It's no wonder the man uses this gift to great efficiency when on adventures, and during the thick of battle, adapting to the environment and use it to his advantage. Lethaniel is able to utilize, learn, and figure out questions and answers much faster than the average human. His level of intelligence of wit is no doubt a blessing from The Five, and is a trait of what was left behind when he was the Titan Dragon Maldrenth.

+ Swordsmanship & Hand to Hand combat
Years of training as a solider and stealth vigilante for Icemark has made Lethaniel into a fighting machine, honing his skills with the blade which mainly consists of a Two-Handed Broadsword. Lethaniel has developed his swordmanship to work cohesively with his hand to hand combat skills, enabling him to switch in different fighting styles easily.

+ Linguist & Ancient Dragon Linguist
As being an advanced reader of a majory of Icemark's books, Lethaniel is capable of understanding multiple languages, although he cannot speak the language. With Lethaniel being an actual dragon and even though such times of being Maldrenth are long gone, he still possess the ability of reading and understanding the Anicent Dragon tongue.

+ Physical Body Condition
The body required for Icemark Knights puts the majority of Human Knights to shame. From the battle's against monsters of the north, training in extreme climates and temperatures, to enduring the hardship's of military life, it has harden and bulked the warriors of Northern Felnova to such a degree, that calling them Human alone is an understatement and an embarrassment. The Physiology of an Icemarkian Human are stronger, faster, agile and endurable than an ordinary human. Whilst they find the Scorching heat weathers of other areas across Felnova unbearable, they make up for this by having a longer life expectancy.

+ Stealth
Lethaniel's Vigilante years before he possess the body of a Warrior allowed him to participate in many stealth missions, even wearing unique disguises to blend in with the crowd, or hide in the shadows striking as a masked warrior of the night and darkness. The silent approach is what Lethaniel has noticed to work efficiently, and although he is a knight who fight's for honour, he still uses the stealth knockout tactic's from time to time.

+ Tracking
The Vigilante years have taught Lethaniel the art of hunting one's target, whether to rescue or obtain a target, Lethaniel has learnt to track and use the environment of the person's last known location to pinpoint the next move of his prey. Although he genuinely has a heightened sense of smell, sight, and hearing, Lethaniel prefers the old fashion approach to the art of tracking.


+ Dragon Memory Lost
The greatest weakness of all, completely forgetting who you were. Legends say that Maldrenth disappeared in blinding flash of light after defending Felnova from the Deathcats invasion of the Dark Elves, leaving a vast open patch of land east of Talon's peak which was filled with snowy mountains, which was actually where Maldrenth rested. It was only when a couple returning to Vystriana from a trip discovered a crying baby in the thick patch of land after the same flash of light emerged after many years of the dragon's disappearance. The baby (now called Lethaniel) to this day still has no memory of who or what he was before.

+ Human Form
The Human body compared to other species is weak, for it has little to no special powers, and is generally the prey of the food chain. No only that but Human Form is susceptible to disease, injuries, and unable to perform acts and moves. The Human body is limited and compared to the lifespan of a dragon can only remain in it's prime for only two-three decades before the body becomes old and a shadow of it's former self.

+ Magic
The worst that Lethaniel hate to face against is the usage of Curse, Hex, spells and magic. It is clear that all of the magical art's can great effect the Icemarkian Human, bypassing his defences and causing destructive harm on his body, leaving the man vulnerable. No longer enjoying the carefree life of being immune to Magic during his days Maldrenth, Lethaniel will no doubt have to be more careful around those who possess magical gifts.

+ Single-Minded
A weakness that both Lethaniel and Maldrenth share. When engaging in battle or being invovlved in a task, Lethaniel will focus on that specific mission alone and instead of resting, he refused to acknowledge breaks, even going so far to hurt his human body in order to ensure the mission was a complete success. This can very much hurt the team as a whole.

+ Electricity
Being Paralysed by electric attacks essentially leaves Lethaniel to be an open target, which leaves little option for the man to openly engage close combat with the opponent who uses electricity to his advantage. Lightning attacks once inflicted significant damage to Maldrenth in his dragon years, but now having lost his memory and all the experience of being such an iconic figure, it is possible that electricity will no doubt kill Lethaniel.

+ Humanity
The greatest gift of all is also the most dreadful curse. Humanity is what Lethaniel was born into, it is a part of him, and it has changed Lethaniel/Maldrenth immensely. His time as a boy learning his human life and how it affects the world around him for good and ill has caused a marginal line of his beliefs. For the longest time as a both a human child and the past life as Maldrenth the Dragon, he truly wanted to be a hero, fit into the role so he can help those in need and become well known and respected. However, it was the very fights, collateral damage, and lives being put at risk is what caused the Lethaniel to hold back at times.

Lethaniel's caring and protective nature of his fellow man is what also drives his fear, believing that all should be spared from the burden of a harsh world. Should Lethaniel ever return to his one original form of Maldrenth, the two personalities would collide causing a greater fear and protection for humanity, leaving him vulernable and susceptive of his weakness being exploited.

+ Loss of Dragon Magic
When Maldrenth disappearance and transformed into a Icemarkian Human, it was not just all of his memories being a dragon were gone, but not only was he reverted to a human baby, but nearly all of his dragon magic and abilities were gone.


Depending on the tales you wish to learn, there are two stories to be told about Lethaniel von Nogard. On one hand, there is the story of the man since the dawn of his "birth": Lethaniel von Nogard, adopted son of Trevor von Nogard and Marine Gwenda, a citizen of the Albronel and a former woodsman. On the other hand, was the myths and legends that stuck through the thin cracks of time, tales of a Dragon born in the First Age of Gods, where one Western Dragon was blessed with the power, strength and size of the tallest Mountain in the world , and became known as the Progenitor of the Heartwoodian Silver Dragons: Malrenth - The Titan Dragon.

The Time of Malrenth: The Mountain Dragon

"Tell me child, what do you know about the Myths and legends of Malrenth of Evylon and Felnova?"
"I know he was one of the dragons who began the line of the Heartwoodian Silver Dragons not to mention being a rare Western version of the species, and his disappearance is one of the greatest mysteries in history. Even to this day, no one knows where he went to."
"None but The Five."
~ A Father talking to his child about Maldrenth the Dragon.

When the Realms were young, and life had blossoms. The Five helped spread Dragonkind Across all of the known realms, and from one egg that hatched born on the mountains of Evylon was a small Traditional Westeren Dragon called Maldrenth. Life in those early years a peaceful existence, with balance and integrity to all species of the Realm. For the early years, the dragon lived an honest life, making friends with future gods, and hero's alike, and rivals who challenged Maldrenth in play fights and testing one's skill against another. Those early years are seen to be completely different compared to today's world, and such a time had the gaze and attention of The Creator to guide his subjects in the right direction.

To that end, Malrenth became a devout worshipper and follower of The Five, every sunrise and sunset, he prayed to the Gods for all dragonkind in Evylon to be safe, and with every pray, he also gave thanks to The Five for granting him life and the world to which he can live and survive. Maldrenth's undying love and affection towards The Five would not fall on death's ears, as there were a few dragons in this early time period who believed in different deities, even calling him mad for not being part of the crowd in worshipping in the dieties that were not The Five, but his resilience refused to falter.

Yes, for Maldrenth had it's fair share of unfortunate events during his growth into Maturity, from wildfires that scorch the realm, to vast typhoon's inflicting damage to the shores such an early life was not easy, the vast majority of his entire existence was helping the defenceless and evacuating the species who could not survive on their own to much safer land. Many dragons of those years of the First Age barely bat an eyelid at the other species, all except for Maldrenth. Yet, there was one particular event that changed his life forever, a day that saved multiple dragonkin's lives, and one to be rewarded for such bravery.

As Maldrenth prepared to slumber on one clear night, echo's of Dragons crying out in fear and pleading was heard not too far from where he slept, one of the tall northern mountains of Altum Turri gave way, unleashing the combined fury of a megatsunami sized avalanche. Malrenth's heart sank to see such a monstrous disaster of such a size wiping out the vast population. His mind had made the ultimate decision, and his heart turned from being one with doubt to the birth of a hero, calling the entire populace to evacuate Northern Halgia whilst he bought them time to escape. Maldrenth attempted to hold back the full scale avalance with all of his fiery breath, creating a vast firewall to hold the impact. However, Maldrenth of his size and strength could not hold the avalanche for ever, as it was completely draining the dragon of all his stamina and magic, but as the last of the citizens managed to evacuate however, the dragon was swept under a giant thick blanket of snow and debris. By the time a search party sent out to find Malrenth he sadly passed away having died from the mega avalanche.

But his destiny was not over, not by a long shot for his heroic sacrifice and undying devoting to The Five caught the attention of the draconic deity. By the power invested in the gods, Maldrenth was granted new life, new home and a transformation. From what was once a meagre 10 meter tall Western dragon, became 6,650 Meters tall Goliath. Maldrenth had become the First Heartwoodian Silver Western Dragon, and with such a new species he was granted the powers and gift as such, bestowing the responsibility and safe-guarding his home of Evylon to him.

As ages and a vast millennium of years past, Maldrenth upholder his duty well if not for him being asleep as the world around him transformed, his story became legend overtime. It was only with the arrival of a Dark Elves of the Felnova realm arrived, pleading to the Titan for help. Maldrenth remembered the Felnovian Female Dark Elf from long ago, she pleaded to the dragon to save her people from the Deathcat invasion of Felnova. Hearing her cries meantioing innocent lives were going to be lost did awoke the sleeping titan, it was the first time in recent history that Maldrenth stepped into the field of history once more, transporting himself from the realm of Evylon; the home he had defending for nearly his entire life, into a whole new world of Felnova. The battles and years worth of fighting and defending the Dark Elves were fit for songs and tales that exist to this day, of how one Titan Dragon stood against the oncoming deathcat invasion head on, with his illustrious fire, furious battle cry and indomitable spirit became a symbol of such heroism.

However, upon the final battle against the darkness, something happened that would become the greatest mystery known to Felnova...

Maldrenth; the worlds guardian and protector, along with the entire invading force of darkness... Vanished, in a bright burst of light. Never to be seen again.

No one knew what had happened from that point on, many people speculated that it was The Five ending the War before the lives of innocent elves were to be harmed, though this caused Maldrenth a second sacrifice. Yet if that were the case, his spirit would've been sent to the Soulplane. However, that there was the problem, Maldrenth's spirit was nowhere to be found, not one single trace of the Titan Dragon.

Years were spent in finding Maldrenth, hoping to find a single piece of evidence, though sadly nothing. Legend of Maldrenth became Myth, and with Myth faded into what all tales become... Fiction, only leaving those who are immortal and have met Maldrenth face to face to be the only living source of physical proof of his once proud existence.

The Realm of Felnova had lost a Hero.

The Time of Lethaniel: A baby born from a flash of light
"Hey you heard about that man from Icemark?"
"Who that Lethaniel guy? Wasn't he that baby from way back from being born in a flash of light?"
"Yeah, heard he managed to wrestle with a wild dragon with his bear hands."
"Come on, no human alive has that kind of strength right?"
"Yeah right, and my mother is the Qoddess of Love."
~ Felnovan Guardsman talking about the rumours of Lethaniel's prowess.

For many millenniums since Maldrenth's disappearance from the Realm of Felnova, the world returned to it's natural, peaceful state. Trevor von Nogard and Marine Gwenda were on their way home from travelling across Felnova, until right before their eyes a great Flash of Light exploded infront of them! In a matter of seconds the light faded and in the arms of the wife was a Icemarkian baby boy. A pleasing of the gods, the father cried out believing that they had christened them a son. But now they had to make sure that the people of Icemark recognise that the child is theirs. So they made his humble origins... But the rest is true...

"Born" to a mere woodcutter family, of humble and simple origins, Lethaniel had a rather pleasant life with his mother and father, helping them with the responsibility to tend and cut down the trees of the forest near King's Icemark, and creating fine planks of wood for the army which would turn into arrows, ladders, and other resources for one single purpose: War. It came to no surprising mention that Lethaniel had the most unusual birth defect which grew into fruition once he became older through time, his muscles eventually became strong and immense, and he towered over his parents in height! Whilst although such a defect brought him the benefits of his strength and able to carry much more than the average person, such traits always did have a drawback.

For starters, Lethaniel could no longer reside in small, cramped areas and buildings, riding on a horse became trouble due to such weight, and in terms of speed, he always had trouble with keeping up with other people. Sadly, Lethaniel would no longer be able to live with his parent forever, for his home was raided by daring Bandits, their bodies ripped and dismembered to much of his dismay. Rage and anger spewed forth within the young man, which by the time the soldiers arrived to investigate the situation, all they could find was blood splattered all over the Woodcutter house, with the interior being completely demolished, and the bodies of bandies being literally torn to pieces and at the centre was Lethaniel who ripped a Bandit's head clean off from his body with one hand .Given the time and scene that had taken place, it was no wonder that he was arrested and taken in as a prisoner to be questioned as to what happened.

After explaining the situation, and the evidence to back up such claims, Lethaniel was pardoned for his crime, but had nowhere else to turn to. That was until he was invited to join the Knights of Icemark, seeing how his size and strength could be put to good use, which he accepted immensely, at last Lethaniel had the chance to change his life around, and even the soldier's who witness the scene back at his former home joined in to pay respect to his parents, granting them an honest funeral, in the name of the Felnovian Five. The Felnovian Five was another influence to his career in the Icemark Knights.

Life as a Knight was not easy, nor was it plentiful. For Lethaniel would endure bullying, torment, and harassment by his superiors and his comrades alike for his size, and yet he would not raise his hand against them. If it weren't joining the Knights of Icemark, Lethaniel would very much join his family in the afterlife, feeling as though he had no purpose in this world without the military. Since then Lethaniel would participate in skirmishes and training, battling against bandits and defending the streets of Icemark as a Vigilante and soldier, taking part in assignments and orders, and going into areas that no sane person would dare be a part of, for he did so not just to gain the respect of his peers, but to ensure the safety and security of Icemark.

Lethaniel would feel a sense of duty and was a very forthright being, even volunteering to be a one man army, because of his sense of duty and loyalty to his military comrades and the citizen he protects, and thus his services had not gone unnoticed. Through time, pain, and much patience, Lethaniel was awarded Knighthood, and eventually becoming The Hero of Icemark, for demonstrating such undying loyalty to the Kingdom.

The Realm of Felnova have gained a Hero

 Posted: Jul 1 2017, 09:14 AM
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