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» Dorias Joiriiki, [x] demon/incubus || male
 Posted: Jan 20 2017, 03:17 PM
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Name: Dorias Joiriiki

Gender: Male

Species: N'vaen/Incubus


Thanks mostly to his digitigrade legs Dorias is roughly tapping 7 feet in height. With a well toned and *wink* limber body that is quite muscular without being grotesquely so. Though his feet might throw some folks for a mental loop. Seeing as they are twin-taloned two toed appendages. His taloned feet aren't his only sharp ends however. His fingers are also tipped with obsidian coloured talons.

His curved obsidian-like rams horns are usually well polished and their tips decorated with gold caps, tipped in blood-red rubies. To better match his two-tone eyes of bloody crimson iris and shadowy black sclera. His tail and hair continues the theme of being deep blood-red and black, his silken tresses starting black then becoming deep crimson on the ends of his bangs and on the last third of his tied back long hair. His bullwhip of a tail is coloured in the same way, starting shadowy then brightening to a shade of red that resembles fresh blood.


Mental abilities - Has some limited capability to convince a relatively weak-willed target into thinking he means no harm. Before luring them to a quiet place and screwing them senseless. Then leaving them to wake up feeling sore in the nether regions with a bloody bite wound somewhere on them and thoroughly confused.

Elements he has some ability to control: *from the N'vaen side*

~Darkness - to deny the sense of sight to a target as well as bind them in tendrils, usually used for the *cough* bedroom activities. Is quite capable in a fight with the tendrils however.

~Fire - Kinda self-explanatory when it comes to battle, in the sense of winding up a partner he can dim it down to the point he feels incredibly warm. Especially when using his hands on a target.

~Ice - The most he tends to do is form a blade of dense ice to fight with in battle otherwise he likes using this element to chill his bed-partner enough his fire touch REALLY sets em off.

 Posted: Jan 20 2017, 10:19 PM
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