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» Kyperion, [x] dragon || male

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(Not my art)

Name: Kyperion
NN: Ky

Gender: Male
Species: Western Dragon

Abilities/Ability Changes:


[align=left]Living in hidden lake for most of his life Ky developed his elemental water into a seamless extension of who he is. Not liking to battle much he has bent his learning towards something more creative to pass time. Cooking, yes this western has taken up trying to be the best cook in the realms, paired with his fire, providing the heat he will need to properly cook he is a one dragon walking kitchen.

Not limited to breathing fire, ky can summon water at a moments notice, whether from nearby or from the moisture in the air itself. Bending it to his will. Be it to fill a pot for mouth watering stew or to put on a show for his own entertainment. Ky's prows shine through while surrounded by the element he called home for so long.


Ky can breath fire and control it up there with the best of them, although he utilizes this ability more than not with cooking rather than fighting. Able to control the temperature of his flame's he can perfectly cook any feast he sets his mind on creating. Not only that he can manipulate it so well to sink his flame through the eye of a needle if Ky so choses. Even still he would rather bite his pride and withdraw from battle rather than get his perfectly groomed feathers dirty.


Calm, cool and collected, Kyperion's demeanor can be closely related to the water element he's lived in for most of his life. Rather bowing away from a physical fight as his vanity presses him to uphold the perfection that is himself. And the hot tempered arrogance keeps him from running when called out on his tactics of bate and switch. As most fights with him would look like "OH MY GHOSH look at the time, I'll have to cancel todays soiree as I just remembered the brioche I left in the kiln needs my attendance. Burnt brioche does not have a pleasant smell or taste. You do have my highest apologies but things like this just cant be helped, Toodaloo!"

Although not a fighter he will however do the utmost he can if insulted or if finding he can not use is normal means of retreat. Specially if mistaken as a female, just because his slender features lean towards femininity does not mean he is such. It boils his kiln to be referred to which he is not, often playing the part just long enough to humiliate the offending party. Or at lest get them to open their eyes to see what a glorious handsome dragon that he is.


Kyperion is a tri-colored Western dragon who is equally colored black, orange-gold, and white; often called the Calico, as calling him White, Black, and Orange would not fit him. He has orange frills that transition into a gradient mane that travels all the way down his back, to a feather-fanned tail. White and orange zigzag across his body and wings; the wing web itself is marked in intricate designs of the same color, with the farthest edge shading to a volcanic hue, much like the base of his mane. All four paws are black.

Burnt orange horns sweep back and up from his head, he's a pair of long donkey like ears and ice blue-green eyes. Long Orange-yellow whiskers flow as if they have a mind of their own. He's a slender western, long snout harboring needle sharp teeth and velvet pink tongue. Soft features, mistaken for a female most of the time he's learned to deal with these misconceptions often playing along only to laugh at the would be one who mistook him. Large powerful wings help lift his slender frame with ease and at Nine feet tall he is still just growing, as far as dragons are concerned. Having the potential to grow to an enormous size just like the ancients of his race, and yet now his only concern, where and when his next meal will be.

On a side note Kyperion evolved a way to filter air from the water he takes into his lungs, thus being able to breath underwater and stay submerged indefinitely.


lived in the Hidden Lake once long ago, now contents himself to rove between the lands. Looking for excitement and great food to sate his lust for the perfect taste and his bottomless stomach.

He loves cooking and eating, he can't resist the smell of good food even if it belongs to someone else. Often he has been chased from camps and towns for 'stealing' others food. Though he just sees it as; "Oh , it just smelt way tooo good, I had to sample it! the food... I just called to me.... You know how it is , right?"


Ky has various things he keeps In a bottomless bag he wears around his neck. To withdraw the items, all Ky has to do is think of what he would like from the bag and it will rise to the top.

Things inside; His favorite bunch of cookware plus a portable kitchen set fit for a dragon of his size. Along with smaller sized dishes for others not so dragon sized. Seasonings and other non perishables, coin and other various things he has collected from his travels of the realms.

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(Not my art)
(eye color + belly scales are not correct; he does not have them)

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