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 Athena, [x] sky-kin xeriin || female
Name: Athena

Age: 139

Gender: Female

Race: Sky-Kin Xeriin

Alignment: Neutral Light

Appearance: Athena is 5ft 8, and her build is delicate and slender. She has long, white feather wings so long that they just brush the ground, along with a long feathery tail to match that falls behind her like a train and helps her balance in flight. She has a soft oval face that is pleasing to the eye and framed by white, wavy hair that hangs loose and falls under her shoulder blades, and has beautiful golden eyes whose shape permanently gives her a serene, sleepy look.

In terms of clothing, she will most frequently choose to wear a colourful wrap similar to a Sari, as it allows easy dressing and movement of her wings and tail. She may also wear thick leather bracers to act as perches for incoming messenger birds, and will always have a soft leather pouch around her neck that contains a small glass dragon figure, made with her pairbond Tyrion's fire magic.

Personality: Athena is a docile, kind, and gentle woman. She sees the good in all, or tries to, but isn't so naïve that she doesn't know when to stop trying. She is very aware that some evils will always be so. Regardless, she is big hearted, and has a lot of love to give, especially to the Myth-kin Xeriin she fell for.

Skills/Abilities: As a Sky-kin Xeriin, Athena can use her wings to fly. She is a knowledgeable and able keeper of birds, and has a pleasant singing voice.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Because her wings are so heavy, and Athena is not very physically strong, she cannot maintain flight for long. In addition to her physical weakness, she lacks any kind of magic, and is also fairly delicate, suffering from brittle bones.

History: Athena has always lived in Falen, raised as a keeper of the messenger birds of the town. Her days were fairly dull and unassuming until she met Tyrion. She first thought he was Sky-kin as well, but it was revealed to her that it was a charade, and that he was in fact a Myth-kin. Promising to keep his secret, knowing what would happen to him if she exposed him, the two became close, and fell in love, even going so far as to name one another as their pairbond.

All was as well as it could be until Tyrion had to reveal his true form to save another Myth-kin from the clutches of Falen's townspeople, and flee as a result. Though he promised he would return, he left Athena worried, especially when she found herself to be pregnant with his child.

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