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» February Newsletter, february 2018
Early update this time, guys! ;D


Hello members of BTACD! Welcome to the monthly newsletter. These will be monthly installments, posted between the 1st and 5th depending on how busy our staff is. All important changes, website updates, features, etc - they'll all be listed conveniently here!


user posted image Character of the Month has been awarded to @NyteDaez with Aterax!
user posted image Species of the Month has been awarded to the d'jini!
user posted image Post of the Month has been awarded to @slankr with the post now dubbed Caught by the Storm!
user posted image Member of the Month has been awarded to @SherniKaur!


Since this update is early, this will be updated with results in a few days! <3


No forum updates to speak of this time! </3


Here are the new monthly updates! We do lore/content releases on the first of every month, and today is the day for new, shiny things! Take a gander at what we have:

IT'S FINALLY HERE! Please welcome our long-awaited player group, equine herds, beginning with the noble Duscae Herd and all of its current members! These noble equines include all manner of horse species, and have a large number of equus and unicorns already! Come check them out!

user posted image

Speaking of unicorns, have you seen their new, shiny page? The unicorn species has been completely overhauled! Alongside it comes the dark and horrific undead redux, a much-needed overhaul to an ancient ol' page!

Next, we redid a bunch of things on the species subtypes page, including brand new, amazing art by SpiritSai, new info on shifters and the Anima, and the brand new Wardens!! Wardens are animalistic guardians of various things; Guardian Wardens guard individuals, Blood Wardens guard members of a bloodline they've been bonded to, and Keeper Wardens guard places!

user posted image

Last but not least, we now have lore on our moons and their phases! We've never had any lore on how the phases of our moons worked, so here it is! :D Each moon is different, and is detailed on the page. Some moons don't even have phases, can you imagine?!

user posted image


Disease has broken out among the Realms! As the Faction continues to spread, refugees from Felnova bring with them horrible diseases spawned from Scylla's wrath. What must the denizens of the Realms do to fight this?


What do you expect for the coming year?


Welcome to BTACD, @Rowan, @-LOST-, @slankr, @Hanzo@, @Witch, @Dread, @Khamnin, @yhokimi, @demindgirl223, @TannerDedInside2017, @Cathorn, @Beaver, @DaveTheHydraKing, @Valerie, @Thoven, @AngelicaDaDragon, @Infested, @Cosmiverse and @Kyley!

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