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Hello and welcome to BTACD, an advanced original fantasy role-play forum in our thirteenth year. Founded on a pet site long ago as a Neopets guild, we've evolved into an inspiring community of role-players and focus our writing on freedom of creativity within the established lore. From elves and dwarves to demons and dragons, we have all of the traditional fantasy species you know and love, as well as many of our own custom breeds. With over seventy playable races and ten solid worlds, anything is possible!

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So quickly does the peace after war end. The end of the Age of Silence heralded the Age of Darkness in the Fivean Realms, and war after war has rocked the worlds, taking countless lives.

Now, the Realms face yet another war. After the death of the Demon King, the weather goddess Scylla went mad and reigned a vast storm across the lands of Felnova, resulting in chaotic weather that only now the Realm recovers from. Though the goddess has been calmed, and the War of Three has been renamed the Twin War, two other strong entities seek power, and the effects of their darkness have reached far and wide.

An alliance has been born between the King of Snakes, Orochi Godslayer, and the leader of the Faction of Hope, Priestess Nina. Both seek the utter destruction of the balance-keeping royal dragons, and the eradication of dragonkind. Where the Faction seeks for humanoids to rise beyond the tyranny of the ruling drakes, the snakekind seeks total control of all races, humanoid and not. Though they are allied with a common goal now, the alliance is unstable, and tensions run high.

Disease runs rampant as dark gods roam the Realms freely. Felnova's balance has been severely damaged, and terror grips its inhabitants, even as its balance-Realm of Kurai begins to suffer as well. Other Realms are laden with Felnovian refugees to the point of endangering their resources, as chaos descends upon all.

What side will you choose?

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Hello there! We're sorry we missed you!

BTACD, also known as By Tooth And Claw Dragons, has been taken temporarily private as we finish our Great Revamp and prepare for a dazzling grand reopening! We have a pretty big to do list, so please bear with us while we're down.

We aren't actively looking for any new members at this time, but original members are welcome! If you are interested in joining as a helper, be aware that this is a site still under construction, and role-play may move a little slow.

We're looking at a possible reopening date of October 31st; Halloween, and our Day of Bones!!
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