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Hello and welcome to BTACD, an advanced original fantasy role-play forum in our thirteenth year. Founded on a pet site long ago as a Neopets guild, we've evolved into an inspiring community of role-players and focus our writing on freedom of creativity within the established lore. From elves and dwarves to demons and dragons, we have all of the traditional fantasy species you know and love, as well as many of our own custom breeds. With over seventy playable races and ten solid worlds, anything is possible!

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Felnova rejoice! Nightblood has been found, and the goddess Scylla has been calmed!! The storms have stopped and her fury slowly begins to cease. However, the aftermath of the Great Storm remains; there has been much devastation, and the rain has changed much of the Plains in Vystriana to sitting lakes and ponds.

At Angel's Peak in Millirand, in the Darklight mountain range and in Godshome, both located in Felnova, and in the Evylonian city of Heartwood, Verridith's allies gather. Now that the Queen has been found, she moves to relocate her children and reestablish her leadership over the armies that were scattered in the time she's been away. Her hatchlings, Bastien and Kyrelia, are growing well. Will the Faction find them before they're put in a safe, secure place?

The Faction continues to grow, and has even established Orders of Knights to use against their enemies. They have, so far, pierced the borders of several other Realms. As they grow, more and more dragons will be hunted down and slain. It seems that they are unstoppable...

On the other side of the coin, Orochi continues to send his children out, testing the waters and limits of his power. He has made no real move yet, and watches from Nossa'rin as the Faction and the dragon royals tear eachother apart.

The wolves and gryphons have yet to take a true side; the demon Kingdoms all have turned against Faction infiltration. Who knows what may happen next? The Plot Plot Events! Orochi's Reign Rebels' Rise ~ Plot Topics! Knights of the Round Goddess' Lament Hope On The March Of Broken Wings Blood and Darkness

Sea Council Hover over the gems below to find out what the colors mean!

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Open Threads Looking for a thread to join, or a partner to plot with? Look no further! A selection of featured threads and buddy searches for your viewing pleasure are located here. Open plot events are linked above the sidebar.

plot-based: ~ Icy Claws

Falling Star

Fight Me

Roaring Back to Life

Run As Fast As You Can

Silver Paws

Striking Back

lore-based: ~ Staredown

Along That Merry Way

* message staff if you want your thread to be added!

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All graphics (c) Blazeh; art for the layout (c) KGMomo/Verridith.

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5 17 May 10 2016, 01:49 AM
In: Imminent Timeskip!
By: Verridith
* plot-based // Felnova
A beautiful world filled with wild, lush forests, towering mountains, and incredible beauty. The capitol country of Vystriana is led by the dragon monarchy, the royal bloodline of the Skystrikers. Includes the countries of Vystriana, Alubria, Stroen'na, Yorije, Khankirae and the Myrlands. Felnova is often considered a melting-pot of all the Realms' species; nearly every creature can be found within its borders.


Subforums: Vystriana, Alubria, Yorije, Myrlands, Khankirae, Nimravus, Stroen'na

11 423 Yesterday at 08:16 pm
In: Not A Place For The Living
By: Verridith
* plot-based // Kurai
A dark world often called the Realm of Demons. Sister-Realm to Felnova; its continents and landmarks are nearly identical. It is a harsh, sunless world filled with scarlet rivers, black earth and white trees. Demons, hellwolves and many others reside within four Kingdoms here: War, Death, Famine and Pestilence.


2 117 Yesterday at 07:45 pm
In: Song of Lost Souls v2
By: Verridith
* plot-based // Xaeri
The wild Realm; the untamed wilderness of Xaeri is a refuge for many trying to escape the wars of Felnova and other worlds. Filled with many unexplored leagues, its landscape was formed by the destroyed soul-essences of Spirit-Weapons long past. Xaeri is primarily populated by the animalistic xeriin, residing in hidden-away villages and hamlets scattered throughout.


2 63 May 23 2016, 07:34 PM
In: Tales of Tails
By: Vengeance
* plot-based // Millirand
Original home of dragonkind; one of the first Realms created after the great catastrophe that destroyed the One's single creation. Sister-Realm to Xaeri. Similar to Felnova in many ways, save one; dragonkind is rare, and hidden away in the northern mountains, hunted and despised by their former humanoid subjects.


8 203 Yesterday at 03:12 pm
In: Striking Back
By: JoeyTheEpic
* plot-based // Evylon
Realm of magical intensity and wild power. Though the portion that has been explored and civilized is beautiful to behold, and home of the esteemed high elves, the land around is much less than habitable. These regions are filled with monsters and creatures, including the rage-maddened bloodwolf.


2 8 May 28 2016, 12:30 AM
In: Saving Sergeant Stupid
By: Vengeance
* plot-based // Lizzarkyth
A massive, sprawling land filled with swamplands and thick forests. Populated by the race of reptilian lyzards, who revere dragons, as well as the rare and elusive unicorn. Called the Undying Realm for the fact that plantlife doesn't seem to die.


2 117 Yesterday at 11:34 pm
In: ROARING (back) to Life
By: HannaGray
* plot-based // Ristell
A unique Realm split into two distinct segments; Aboveground, and Underground. Ristell is as harsh as it is beautiful, and home to several races native to its intense lands, such as the sphinx, sol'tera, lunari, and more.


3 199 May 23 2016, 12:39 PM
In: ghosts & gods
By: Verridith
* plot-based // Noctis
Called the Land of Sea and Sky, Noctis is a beautiful Realm with sky-continents and underwater cities, populated by roc'a, dragons, avians, and merfolk. There are few true islands, and three bright moons, in a world wreathed in magic.


2 17 Yesterday at 06:45 am
In: shadows and sunlight
By: Verridith
* plot-based // Light and Dark
Both Light and Dark Realms are the initial creations of the gods; one, home to the lightbeasts of old, is a world infused with otherworldly light - every flower glistens, every rock blazes, every animal glows. The other, home to the shadowbeasts of yore, is a shadowy place filled with fear and blackness and death. Both, however, are essential to the balance of the Void, and play a key part in the creation of a new Realm.

REALM INFORMATION: Light Realm; Dark Realm.

1 0 Aug 23 2015, 06:44 PM
In: Realm Quicklinks
By: Verridith
* plot-based // Spirit Realms
The worlds of departed souls and godly spirits. These Realms include Hell, the Soulplane, the Ghost Realm, the Highrealm and the Realm of Ethers. Also found are the various fragmented Spirit Realms, small worlds split from the main and lost in the Void's dark grasp.


2 3 Apr 20 2016, 11:09 PM
In: For The Sake Of Balance
By: Vengeance
* plot-based // Side-Realms
Here you may role-play in any of our Side Realms, or Splinter Realms; such as Mythos, Lay'nuidaon, Kotoria and more!

DO NOTE that Side Realm topics have a limit for how long you may write in these Splinters. And remember! Please check the plot-based rules for more information. Thank you!


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In: Splinter/Side Realms
By: Verridith

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* lore-based role-play
This is a section dedicated to role-play using BTACD lore - the worlds, the species, the magic, etc - without the sitewide main plot or its events that affect your storylines. It's an alternate universe sandbox where you can write your characters using BTACD lore without the chaos of the main plot!

A basic guideline and FAQ is located here. Have fun!

6 247 May 28 2016, 10:22 AM
By: Verridith
* unrelated role-play
This section is dedicated to role-plays not focused on any of the primary main role-plays; they generally take place in alternate universes or other worlds. Please read the rules section before you create your thread!
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* member events
This section will hold all staff-held holiday events and special events that happen IC. Examples of this will be IC threads made for Christmas, BTACD's birthday, Halloween, or other such fun things. Prizes can be won here, as well as jaden, and sign-ups are generally found in the Events OOC subforum.
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By: Mikelus
* guest events
Guest-friendly! This section hosts our OREs, or Open Role-play Events - with this section, guests may come and try out BTACD role-play with an existing member without being obligated to join. Role-plays in this section are restricted to one Realm at a time, and all OREs can only last up to a period of two months. Please look within for further details and rules.


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In: Like Toy Soldiers | New All...
By: Briar
* role-play // PB archives
All archived plot-based threads will be held here. Threads in PB that have been inactive for over two months, or threads where members have left or been deleted for inactivity, will also be found here.
Subforums: old plot-based archives

146 7,876 May 28 2016, 09:33 AM
In: Eye of the Storm
By: Verridith
* role-play // LB archives
All archived lore-based threads will be held here. Threads in LB that have been inactive for over two months, or threads where members have left or been deleted for inactivity, will also be found here.
55 1,204 May 24 2016, 02:26 PM
In: Morality Thief
By: Vengeance

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